About Us

“Zecotex an Egyptian joint stock company, was established in 1982 by Mr. Zakaria Bushra Abdelshahid, who took upon himself the establishment and formation of this institution, which today has become one of the first and strongest companies manufacturing women’s clothing in Egypt and the Middle East.”

Since 1982

The Company

The idea of ​​the name Zecotex came from the name of the founder of the company, and Tex was added after converting it into a joint stock company, so it became Zecotex.

Our Mission

In order to maintain this ancient name for more than forty years, the factory was keen to use the finest Egyptian cotton raw materials, which are distinguished by the international reputation, while using the highest technologies and the latest scientific means to keep pace with international fashion lines.

The company is also distinguished, in addition to high quality, at an acceptable price that suits the Egyptian consumer with good taste. Therefore, the name Zecotex has spread at all levels inside and outside Egypt.

Our Vision

The consumer’s eagerness to acquire this product has become a strong motive that drives the work team to develop, modernize, quality and sophistication, so that the name Zecotex becomes one of the most important signs of the Egyptian industry.

Core Values

Humblebrag gochujang pabst, master cleanse franzen vexillologist.

High Quality

High quality material

Acceptable price

Acceptable price that suits the Egyptian consumer

Modernize, Quality

Modernize, Quality and Sophistication.


Key People & Brands

Our presence in television works.